About Us

Our membership is made up of people who are ambitious about career enhancement, competitive advantage, and on-the-job performance.

APICS helps you make the most of your career and your organization through: 

  • a global support of more than 70,000 manufacturing and service professionals

  • discounts on essential certification programs (CPIM, CIRM)

  • local chapters where you can exchange ideas, solutions and opportunities

  • annual International Conference and Exposition and its many educational events

  • publications, workshops, programs and more

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Honorary Members

Joseph P. Conroy National Award
C. Martin Antisdale Chapter Award
Walter Goddard Chapter Award
Alfred H. Cormack Chapter Award
Victor Albanesi Chapter Award

Past Presidents, Fairfield County Chapter

2009-2012 Jose Mendonca
2007-2009 Bhaskar Majee
2004-2007 Diane Clifford
2001-2004 Robert Hendrick
1999-2001 Bijan Babollah
1997-1999 Joseph Pederson
1995-1997 John Balkonis, CPIM
1993-1995 George Piro
1992-1993 Sandy McCoy
1991-1992 Glenn Dunn, CPIM
1988-1991 Elizabeth Wetmore, CPIM
1986-1988 Michael McDonald
1984-1986 Dorothy Lindberg
1982-1984 Robert G. Wendin, CPIM
1981-1982 Kenneth Schlegel
1980-1981 Victor A. Albanesi
1979-1980 Jean C. Jackson
1978-1979 Alfred C. Massimino
1977-1978 Victor A. Albanesi
1976-1977 William T. Kittle, CFPIM
1975-1976 Robert S. Clark
1974-1975 Walter L. Gross, CPIM
1972-1974 John F. Terry
1971-1972 Fred D. Sharp
1970-1971 Michael D. Moore, CFPIM
1969-1970 Daniel Daly
1968-1969 John Boette
1967-1968 Walter Goddard, CPIM
1966-1967 Thomas Urbanowicz
1965-1966 C. Martin Antisdale, CPIM
1964-1965 Robert J. Hannon
1963-1964 Thomas Butler
1962-1963 Robert J. Besterey
1961-1962 James Dunn
1960-1961 Thomas R. McElroy
1959-1960 Leslie Bixby

APICS - The Association for Operations Management

APICS—The Association for Operations Management is a not-for-profit international educational organization respected throughout the world for its education and professional certification programs. With more than 70,000 individual and corporate members in 20,000 companies worldwide, APICS is dedicated to using education to improve the business bottom line.

APICS is recognized globally as:

  • the source of knowledge and expertise for manufacturing and service industries across the entire supply chain in such areas as materials management, information services, purchasing and quality.

  • the leading provider of high-quality, cutting-edge educational programs that advance organizational success in a changing, competitive marketplace

  • a successful developer of two internationally recognized certification programs, Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM)

  • a distribution center for hundreds of business management publications and educational materials

  • a source of solutions, support, and networking local chapters, workshops, symposia, and the annual APICS International Conference and Exposition.

Founded in 1957 as the American Production and Inventory Control Society, APICS has since expanded its focus to include a full range of programs and materials on individual and organizational education, standards of excellence, and integrated resource management. To reflect this new direction, we are now known as APICS—The Association for Operations Management.